The Mission of March for America is the inspiration of patriots via information to the public regarding issues that challenge the sovereignty, security, and decency of the citizens of this great country. A non-partisan organization, we are dedicated to restoring and sustaining individual liberties of all, regardless of political party, truly putting… AMERICA – and AMERICANS – FIRST.

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“Your liberty – and life – are on the line. It’s a critical time for you to be informed and prepared. Pay attention!”

– Scott Jaymes Binsack, Founder and CEO of March for America, LLC & All Subsidiaries
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Trish Thompson MFA Testimonial

The Truth is said and (Scott) I am glad to have you in our family to get the truth out about what is happening in our world today. Thank you for all your time and effort. We Trust You.

Trish Shearon Thompson
- MFA Fan
Teressa Goodman Brown

I like knowing the truth, no matter how bad it is. Scott tells it like it is and is a straight shooter. He keeps us updated and so far, he has been spot on. The man has earned my respect. Thank you Scott!

Teressa Goodman Brown
- MFA Fan
Robin Brown MFA Testimonial for Scott Jaymes Binsack

Scott, you are the best. Everything you break comes to fruition. I didn’t understand politics… Didn’t even want to, until Obama ran for President. Now, seeing what has happened in the last eight years, I’m all ears. Thank you for explaining and giving us, “The Rest of the Story.” This country is going to hell in a hand basket, and people don’t even know what they’re doing to America! Keep up the good work, please! If you don’t post it, I DON’T READ IT!

Robin Brown
- MFA Fan
Linda Carlson Testimonial

I am very thankful to you Scott and blessed to know there are still honest people out there. I have learned so much. I feel sorry for people who call this nonsense & don’t want to listen to truth. I think because they’ve been programmed to listen to the liberal media. I have seen so much hatred & unGodly people lately it is so sad. I just pray people wake up & open their eyes. I want to thank you Scott for all you do. We are truly blessed.

Laura Carlson
- MFA Fan
Steven Freddie Weber MFA Testimonial

In a time when you can’t always trust what you hear from just anyone, especially the mainstream media, you can be sure that Scott will bring you the truth. His cause is one that I myself am very passionate about. I love my country, and I am tired of corrupt politicians and globalists playing a game with people’s lives. Change doesn’t happen without action, time to talk is over, stand up before it’s too late.

Steven Freddie Weber
- MFA Fan
Damon Chapman MFA Testimonial

I am a proud supporter of MFA. Scott and MFA work extra-hard to bring us the truth, which is 99% spot-on every time. Ever since I have found MFA I have stopped watching the news media. I love Scott’s heart, attitude, and passion to bring us the truth and I thank him for that. And for all the haters who troll and manipulate Scott and MFA’s posts, PACK YOUR SHIT. Thank you brother and all MFA volunteers.

Damon W. Chapman
- MFA Fan
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